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This Web site was created for the purpose of disclosing information to the general public. It was not created to solicit investors to buy or sell Osaka Gas shares. The opinions, projections and other information carried on this site are based on assumptions and beliefs of the company at the time of preparation.
Osaka Gas reserves the right to change or remove content from this Web site without prior notice. Furthermore, Osaka Gas shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever caused by changes in the content of this site that were the result of illegal entry by third parties, tampering or an uncontrollable occurrence.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



Osaka Gas was included in the following socially responsible investment (SRI) indices and an investment universe (a group of stock issues that are seen as candidates for the SRI indices) as of the end of June 2022.

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

    Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

  • ECPI World ESG Equity

    ECPI World ESG Equity

  • FTSE4Good Index Series

    FTSE4Good Index Series

  • MSCI ESG Leaders

    MSCI ESG Leaders

  • Ethibel Excellence

    Ethibel Excellence

  • FTSE Blossom Japan Index

    FTSE Blossom Japan Index

  • MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index

    MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index

  • MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index

    MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index

  • Sompo Sustainability Index

    Sompo Sustainability Index

  • EuroNext World 120

    EuroNext World 120

The inclusion of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. in any MSCI Index, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, does not constitute a sponsorship, endorsement or promotion of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. by MSCI or any of its affiliates. The MSCI Indexes are the exclusive property of MSCI. MSCI and the MSCI Indexes names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI or its affiliates.