Site Policy

Site Policy

This website is run by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "the Company").
Please read the Site Policy below before you use this website, and use the website only if you agree with the site policy. Please note that the Site Policy is subject to change without advance notice.
If terms of use apply to the content you will use, please thoroughly read the relevant terms of use before you use the content.

Escape clauses


The Company pays due attention to various matters when posting information on the website. However, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, the usefulness, the safety, and any other qualities of the information. Information posted on this website is as of the time of its posting, and it may no longer match the actual situation after time passes.
The Company will not assume any responsibility for that. Please use this website on your own responsibility.


The plans, forecasts, strategies, and other contents that are not historical facts posted on this website are about predicted business results in the future. These are derived from the management's judgment based on currently available information. Please note that the actual business results may significantly differ from these plans, forecasts, strategies, etc. due to various factors. Factors that can influence the actual business results include trends in the Japanese economy, fluctuations in the yen-dollar exchange rate, and the need to respond to rapid technological innovation and the progress of deregulation.


Please note that data on this website and the composition of this website are subject to change, correction, or deletion without advance notice.

About copyright

The copyright on all information posted on this website belongs to the Company, authors, or its other owners, in principle. The use of information posted on this website without the Company's prior permission (including the reproduction, modification or distribution of the information) is prohibited unless it is private use or another type of use allowed by the Copyright Act.

About trademarks

The trademarks used on this website are those of Osaka Gas and other Daigas Group companies. The use of these trademarks without written permission is prohibited.

About the handling of personal information

The Company appropriately handles and manages personal information, following its Privacy Policy.

About links


If you want to post a link to this website on your website, please enter the following pieces of information on the inquiry (link request) form and send it to us.

  • (1)

    The name of the company that runs the website to be linked to this website, the name of the manager of the website to be linked, and a contact email address

  • (2)

    URL of the website to be linked to this website


Both the external websites to which this website has links and the external websites that have links to this website are managed at the responsibility of those who run those websites. The Company does not have any responsibility for those websites or any control over them. In addition, even if the Company permits an external website to have a link to this website, this does not mean that the Company endorses or supports the said external website or that the Company guarantees or has responsibility for the said external website and its contents in any form.


The Company will refuse requests for permission for links to this website if those links fall under or are likely to fall under the following conditions:

  • (1)

    Links posted on websites that contain slander or libel against the Daigas Group or obstruct the business of the Daigas Group

  • (2)

    Links posted on websites that have antisocial contents (including adult contents)

  • (3)

    Links posted on websites that violate intellectual property rights (including websites that use images, characters, sound files, etc. created by other parties without permission or have contents that encourage the illegal copying of software)

  • (4)

    Links that can cause viewers to wrongly understand that the parties that have posted those links are affiliated or cooperate with the Company or/and other Daigas Group companies or that the Company or/and other Daigas Group companies recognize or endorse those websites that have the links

  • (5)

    Links posted on websites with other kinds of contents that the Company judges to be inappropriate


Unless you follow or intend to follow the conditions for use that the Company defines, you must immediately stop from using the link to this website, no matter why you cannot follow the conditions.


The Company may request the deletion of the abovementioned kinds of links and links that the Company judges to be inappropriate even if the Company has given permission for those links.

Information transmitted externally from a user’s device

By using this site, personal data (not including personal information)* will be automatically transmitted from a user’s devices to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “transmitted externally”).

With regard to personal data transmitted externally, Osaka Gas will use it to understand and analyze the access status and usage status of the site, to improve and enhance the content of the site based on such analyses, and to distribute advertisements outside the site and measure their effectiveness.

*What is personal data?
Personal data transmitted externally from this site includes the data related to the behavior and status of users as shown below.
For details, please check the “Transmitted information” for each service on the external services list posted in the following section [External services].
(Character string for uniquely identifying the browsing browser, IP address, browsing page URL, referrer (referrer URL), access date and time, user agent, etc.)

[External services]

External services to which personal data is transmitted are shown on the external services list as follows. Users can check how their personal data is used by each external service by reading the section “About this service” of each external service on the list or the privacy policy of each service.

Users who wish to deactivate (opt out) the use of their personal data by external services on their browser are requested to take necessary actions by clicking the opt out button displayed in the section for each service. (Users will need to opt out for each browser they use.)
*If users opt out of the use of their personal data by an (or some) external service(s), they may not be able to use some functions of this site.

About communications security

This website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption as a means for privacy protection and information security in order to ensure a high level of confidentiality of communications.

Recommended browsers

We recommend that you use any of the following browsers for your comfortable viewing of this website.
In addition, please note that viewing some contents of this website may require the latest version of your browser or a plug-in.

[Recommended browsers]
  • Chrome (latest version)

  • Edge (latest version)

  • Safari on iOS (latest version)

  • Chrome on Android (latest version)

About JavaScript

On this website, some pages use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled on your browser, these pages may not be displayed as intended. If you view these pages, enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

About applicable laws

Japanese laws apply to the use of this website and the implementation of this Site Policy unless otherwise provided.