About Us

About Us

Osaka Gas Group is now Daigas Group

In 2018, after its many years as a corporate group familiar to the general public, the Osaka Gas Group transformed into the Daigas Group and unveiled its new logo.
Since then, the Daigas Group has enhanced its unity and continued to tackle the challenge of powering continuous advancement in the lives and businesses of our customers.

Be more dynamic and more innovative than expectation, and be genuine and studious timelessly.

Each of the Daigas Group companies will continue to tackle the challenge of achieving sustained growth to enable the entire Group to create synergic effects.
The Daigas Group will take full advantage of its new beneficial organizational structure and its total capabilities to provide our customers and society with value.

Daigas Group's communication tagline

A Brighter Future Close to You

We in the Daigas Group will continue to evolve ourselves to be a key player in achieving a sustainable society.
We will be genuine and studious in serving each of our customers.
We will also be dynamic and innovative in providing our technologies and services.
Being closer to you than before, we will lead you to a brighter future in your life and business.

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