Disclosure Policy

Our information disclosure policy is as follows;

Disclosure Policy

1. Policy

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. discloses information in compliance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant domestic laws, and the Procedures for Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information (hereinafter "Procedures for Timely Disclosure") stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information released by Osaka Gas is also provided in accordance with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulations for Fair Disclosure and the company's Daigas Group Operating Standards.

2. Method of Disclosure

In accordance with the Procedures for Timely Disclosure, Osaka Gas discloses "Important Information," defined by those procedures as information regarding decisions, significant events and financial results, on the TD net system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The information disclosed on this system is also posted on the company's Web site in line with the regulations. Some delays may be experienced in releasing such information on the Web site due to the time required to create PDF files and prepare other information.
Information outside the purview of the Procedures on Timely Disclosure is disclosed appropriately to investors in a fair, open and, as far as possible, accurate manner in keeping with the regulations.

3. Silent Period

Osaka Gas deems the two weeks before the announcement of business results as a silent period, during which we shall refrain from commenting on or answering questions regarding business results. Nevertheless, Osaka Gas will answer inquiries on information which has been already disclosed.