Fundamental Concept

The Daigas Group's view on compliance is that it entails sensible corporate activities based on sound ethics with a particular focus on observing laws and regulations. Ensuring compliance requires that all executives and employees follow laws/regulations and their consciences, in line with the foundations for compliance set forth in the “Daigas Group Code of Business Conduct,” and act in accordance with in-house regulations and rules. Throughout the year, the Daigas Group conducts training and educational activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of compliance, instilling knowledge, and improving the ability to think ethically.

Compliance Promotion Systems

  • The Daigas Group has established “Compliance / Risk Management Subcommittees” under the “ESG Committee,” in order to consider cross-organizational measures and share information, etc. The Compliance Office in the General Affairs Department promotes compliance across the Daigas Group as a whole, and we have also selected “Heads of Compliance” at each Business Unit, Company,* and Core Affiliate, as well as “Compliance coordinators” and “staff who serve as key personnel in the compliance efforts” at each organization of Osaka Gas and each affiliate, as part of efforts to enhance compliance across the Daigas Group as a whole.
  • ■ Compliance Promotion Systems

    Compliance Promotion Systems

    * Spun off into Osaka Gas Network Co., Ltd. in April 2022.

Promotion of Compliance

Compliance Education

The Daigas Group believes that ensuring compliance is the most important thing we can do to gain the trust of customers and the society, and is the basis for continuing our business. Recognizing that every management and employee is the key to compliance, we are continually conducting training sessions and employee surveys to raise awareness.

Internal Reporting Systems and Compliance Desks

The Daigas Group has established “Compliance Desks” as a system aimed at quickly identifying cases of violations of laws and regulations, misconduct, etc., and responding quickly and appropriately. “Compliance Desks” have been established within Osaka Gas, key affiliates, an external attorney’s office, and elsewhere, to accept consultations and reports from employees of the Daigas Group, business partners, and other related parties. Furthermore, we have also established a “Human Rights Desk” in the Human Resources Department as a contact point for consultations about the human rights of employees, as well as “Harassment Desk” within respective organizations and affiliates as contact points for consultations about harassment from employees.

Tax Compliance

Fundamental Concept

In the Daigas Group's business operations, we follow the Daigas Group Code of Business Conduct, comply with laws and regulations, and act sensibly based on sound ethical standards. We understand that appropriate tax payments are part of our corporate social responsibility, and we comply with the tax laws and regulations of each country we operate in performing tax procedures.

Tax Risk Management

We have established processes to promote correct recognition of tax risks and appropriate responses to the risks. We also seek advice from tax experts as necessary to maintain and improve tax compliance.

Building Relationships of Trust with Tax Authorities

We strive to build and maintain a relationship of trust with tax authorities through timely tax filing and payment, and appropriate information disclosure.

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