Frequently Asked Questions on stocks and general information of Osaka Gas

What is the securities code of Osaka Gas?
It is 9532.
On which stock exchange is Osaka Gas listed?
Osaka Gas is listed on the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the trading unit of Osaka Gas's stock?
It is 100 shares.
What is the shareholder return policy of Osaka Gas?
Our shareholder return policy is to provide stable dividends while maintaining a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or higher excluding short-term fluctuation factors that affect profits as our basic stance, and to provide higher dividends when we achieve profit growth. We will consider implementing shareholder returns, taking into account structural risks such as intensifying competition in the fully deregulated energy market and declining population in Japan, and comprehensively evaluating future free cash flows, progress in investments for growth, business performance, and financial situation.
Does Osaka Gas offer a shareholder special benefit plan?
Our shareholder return policy is to aim for a dividend on equity (DOE) of 3.0% while pursuing a progressive dividend policy as our basic stance within the amount of Osaka Gas’ non-consolidated retained earnings available for distribution, taking into account the financial results and the management plan. We will flexibly implement additional shareholder return measures by comprehensively considering the optimal capital structure and free cash flow status after securing the capital for investments necessary for business growth.