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OGIS-RI traces its roots back to developing and managing systems for the gas business of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. After various acquisitions, it organized a group of system providers to offer services to the manufacturing and financial industries. By sharing the expertise of each company in the group, we provide comprehensive IT services ranging from consulting, design, development, and operation of corporate information systems to data centers, cloud services, and security

What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3

Through high-level innovation in information and communications technologies, we aim to be a corporate group that provides new value and grows sustainably with customers.

Efforts Toward Sustainable Growth

Our strategy is to differentiate ourselves with a priority placed on the fields of finance, manufacturing, and energy as we expand service businesses for the domains of IoT, cloud technology, and authentication. We will apply our cumulative expertise and introduce new technologies to improve the competitiveness of the Daigas Group.

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