What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3
- Life & Business Solutions

Our Business

The Daigas Group actively applies the technologies and know-how it has accumulated in the energy business, developing
businesses that differ from the energy field in order to diversify business risk. These non-energy businesses are playing a major role
in supporting the Daigas Group’s earnings base as a stable source of earnings, particularly as crude oil prices and foreign exchange
trends remain unclear.
We plan to accelerate growth in three core business areas in Life & Business Solutions (LBS)—Urban Development, Materials
Solutions, and Information Solutions—aiming to consistently increase profits through FY2031.3.

FY2023.3 Results
Net Sales ¥258.5 billion yen
Segment Profit* ¥29.2 billion yen
*Operating profit (loss) + Share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using equity method

Investment for Growth for FY2031.3
¥380.0 billion yen*
*From FY2018.3 to FY2031.3 (Plan)

Net Sales* (billion yen)

Segment Profit* (billion yen)

Since FY18.3, Sumisho Osaka Gas Water UK Limited, an equity-method affiliate, changed its segment from “Life & Business Solutions” to “International Energy.” Since FY19.3, Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. changed its segment from “Life & Business Solutions” to “Domestic Energy / Gas.” FY18.3 results are calculated based on the contents after the change.