What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3
- International Energy Businesses

Our Business

As an energy business operator, the Daigas Group has focused on the natural gas value chain from early on and has made
investments abroad accordingly. In the future, we will continue to invest outside of Japan and by FY2031.3 will increase our
international-to-domestic business ratio to 1:2. The Group will create a business model capable of generating balanced
earnings streams from North America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe, in addition to Japan.

FY2023.3 Results
Net Sales ¥123.2 billion yen
Segment Profit* ¥69.7 billion yen
Operating profit (loss) + Share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using equity method

Investment for Growth for FY2031.3
¥550.0 billion yen*
*From FY2018.3 to FY2031.3 (Plan)

Upstream Business
We are expanding upstream business elds through project participation for group-wide steady prot growth. We are striving to secure stable prots with the expansion of output and prots of the shale gas development company, Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation, in the United States and through the Gorgon LNG Project and Ichthys LNG Project in Australia.
Mid- & Downstream Business in North America
We are working to achieve stable, flexible procurement of LNG by securing LNG with no destination restrictions through the procurement of LNG from the Freeport LNG Project in the US and by diversifying our supply sources and price indices.
Sabine Shale Gas Project in USA
Sabine Shale Gas Project in USA
reeport LNG Terminal in USA Courtesy of Freeport LNG Development, L.P
Freeport LNG Terminal in USA
Courtesy of Freeport LNG Development, L.P
IPP in North America
We are increasing investment in renewables, which are expected to expand in the United States, as well as natural gas-fired power plants, to accelerate decarbonization.
We are expanding our businesses in renewables and LNG terminals, as well as natural gas marketing and energy services.

Net Sales (billion yen)/Segment Profit (billion yen)

Since FY2022.3, Osaka Gas International Transport Inc., which belongs to “International Energy” and conducts LNG transport, has been
merged into “Domestic Energy” with the objective of the integrated operation of energy sales and supply/demand management, and operating expenses for international energy included in
Osaka Gas (Domestic Energy/Gas) have been transferred to International Energy.