Establishing Lifestyles and Businesses Adjusted to the New Normal
-Daigas Group’s Initiatives

Our Business

Recognition of External Environment

Japan is facing a declining population and other social structure changes. In addition, there have been dramatic changes in the premises for business activities, such as the advancement of technological innovation and digitalization and diversification of values. In times of dramatic changes and uncertainty, we are expected to embrace changes of the times and continue creating and providing advanced and diverse value that meets customers’ needs.

Review of FY2023.3 and Future Strategy

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we launched new services, such as a life service platform, fixed-line telecommunications, and home renovation. We also deepened initiatives in the Life & Business Solutions (LBS) Business.
We will continue to develop the LBS Business, as well as offer new services for residential customers that are suited to diverse lifestyles and advanced total solutions for commercial and industrial customers that go beyond the framework of energy. We thus aim to achieve sustainable growth by contributing to the advancement of lifestyles and businesses as a company that continues to be the first choice of customers.

Provide solutions globally

Indicators and FY2023.3 Results

Number of customer accounts 10.02 million

The Daigas Group’s business started more than 100 years ago from lighting (gas lamps). We have been expanding the applications of gas ever since to kitchens, hot-water supply, heating, and power generation, responding to various requests from customers. In addition, we have broadened the scope of our business to include industrial gas, real estate, telecommunications, new materials, and life-related fields, based on the relationships with a large number of customers. The Group’s corporate purpose is to strive to make a multitude of customers’ businesses and lifestyles better.
Setting the number of customer accounts, which represents contracts for gas and power supply, safety and warranty services, etc., as the indicator, we are working to establish their lifestyles and businesses adjusted to the new normal.
In FY2023.3, we launched a new electricity rate and service “Support Plans” and expanded services offered by our life service platform “Sumai LINK,” thereby working to roll out optimal services and solutions for each customer.
In the International Energy Business, we increased the number of new contracts through gas supply contracts, energy service contracts, rooftop solar power generation projects, and other initiatives.
As a result of developing these new services and taking other measures, the number of customer accounts reached 10.02 million, topping the 10 million target for 2030 set in the Long-Term Management Vision.

Customer satisfaction rate 90%

For our customers to be able to use our products and services more safely and comfortably, the Daigas Group strives to ensure security and improve service quality. We also consider it important to appropriately provide information on safe use.
Since FY1989.3, Osaka Gas has conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey to improve customer satisfaction. The survey covers five areas of operation that have direct interaction with customers (opening gas valves, appliance repairs, appliance sales with installation, periodic safety inspections [gas facility surveys], and telephone support [customer center]). After each interaction, customers evaluate their levels of satisfaction in the survey, and the results are aggregated. Overall satisfaction represents the percentage of evaluations in the highest two ranks of a six-rank scale regarding customer satisfaction levels.
To achieve higher service standards, we have created a shared manual for each area of operation. We also raise awareness through training for managers and employees in charge.
We received 33,400 survey responses in FY2023.3, and the overall satisfaction level for the five areas of operation stood at 90%. This was lower than the result for the previous fiscal year, which was 92%. We consider that the prolonged delay in the delivery of some products to customers, mainly due to the spread of COVID-19 and the global supply shortage of electronic components, affected the satisfaction level. In addition to improving the supply, we strived to improve the touch point operation based on customer opinions. We will make improvements to collect feedback from a wider range of customers and increase response rates.
Based on customer feedback, we will continue tooffer services from the customer’s perspective.

Overview of Key Services

① Digital Service Platform “Sumai LINK”

In addition to online services, including shopping via the Internet, Sumai LINK will offer a wide variety of offline services that enrich customers’ time spent at home, including medical care and housekeeping services. From FY 2023.3, we also started to offer a TV stick exclusively for Osaka Gas customers that allows the whole family to enjoy online shopping and entertainment content on large screens of their home TV or PC monitor, as well as digital tickets that can be used at member restaurants in the Kansai region.

② New rate and service “Support Plans”

The environment surrounding customers has been changing dramatically, with fuel prices soaring and inflation accelerating. Considering that this has increased concerns about energy conservation and utility costs, we launched a new electricity rate and service “Support Plans” in October 2022, so that customers can enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle in accordance with life events that may cause significant changes in energy use.

③ “MyRENO”

“MyRENO” is a one-stop renovation service that covers property search, financial planning, design, and construction.
Customers can search for information on pre-owned properties suitable for renovation. Based on the understanding of the current lifestyles of customers, the service takes a customized, customer-centric approach to come up with housing plans with an eye on the future.
In October 2022, we opened MYRENO OSAKA, one of the largest showrooms in the Kansai region* dedicated to collective housing renovation. MYRENO OSAKA is not just a showroom. It also hosts a variety of lifestyle-related events and consultation sessions. We will continue to work to expand the renovation market in the Kansai region.

  • * One of the largest showrooms in the Kansai region that is specialized in collective housing renovation and is run by a one-stop service operator covering from pre-owned collective housing search to renovation (as of October 2022, based on research by Osaka Gas)