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Further Expansion of Electricity Rate Plans

Osaka Gas provides various rate plans, including the “Base Plan A-G” electricity rate plans which offer good value to gas contract customers, the “Style Plan,” which meets diverse customer lifestyles and individual needs, and the “With Plan,” which supports fun and enriched lives for our customers with other companies and groups based on their personal hobbies and preferences.
During the FY2021.3, for customers whose electricity consumption is high, we added “Style Plan E-ZERO B” and “Style Plan E-ZERO Power Sources” to “Style Plan E-ZERO” electricity rate plans that enable customers to use electricity derived 100% from renewable energy free of CO2 emissions. We support customers' lives by offering these rate plans which is convenient, good value and meet customer lifestyles and needs.

IoT –compatible Alarm Device “Sumapiko”

In August 2020, we launched the internet-connectable alarm device “Sumapiko,”
which was developed by providing an internet connection function to our household gas alarm device. “Sumapiko” provides information that is helpful to daily life, such as weather information, crime-prevention information, and monitoring notifications in addition to existing alarm devices’ functions for detecting gas leaks and carbon monoxide. Based on our agreements with the Osaka City Government, disaster information issued by the Osaka City Government is provided*1 to “Sumapiko” users as a voice alert. Additionally, crime prevention information issued by six prefectural polices in the Kansai region*2 is also received and communicated as a voice alert. We aim to improve the safety and security of customers’ homes through collaboration with the Osaka City Government and the prefectural polices to disseminate information on disaster and crime prevention.

  • *1 To users who live outside Osaka City, disaster information provided by a private company will be distributed.
  • *2 The polices of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama prefectures (as of June 30, 2021)

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“D-Green” Supplying Electricity Derived 100% from Renewable Energy

In April 2021, we started to accept applications for the “D-Green” series, new electricity rate plans that supply electricity derived 100% from renewable energy to corporate
customers working to promote decarbonization. The “D-Green Premium” rate plan offers electricity derived 100% from renewable energy with non-fossil fuel certificates for newly installed power sources that do not use the feed-in tariff system for renewable energy. Use of this rate plan contributes to promoting the development of new renewable energy sources.

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Demand Response Scheme Adjusts Supply-Demand Balance of Electricity

While use of renewable energy is currently expanding, renewable energy is susceptible to factors such as the climate. Therefore, the stability in the balance of supply and demand of electricity is a major challenge. Demand response (DR), which saves electricity by controlling customer facilities,is drawing attention as a method to adjust the supply-demand balance of electric power. By aggregating energy saved by customers as part of the demand response scheme and establishing VPP*, the Group will contribute to a society with a stabilized power system and eventually to the expansion of renewable energy electricity.

* VPP: Virtual Power Plant

Demand Response Scheme Adjusts Supply-Demand Balance of Electricity