What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3
and Summary of Current Situation
- Domestic Energy Business

Our Business

The Daigas Group are striving to develop our business as an energy marketer in a new era by strengthening each of the three areas in the Domestic Energy Business; namely, gas manufacturing and sales, gas distribution, and electric power generation and sales.
In addition to ensuring that customers in the Kansai area use city gas in a stable, safe, and secure manner, we are proceeding with comprehensive provision of energy and services by expanding the electric power and LPG businesses and enhancing life support services and one-stop services as a utility agent. Furthermore, we will expand the know-how and services developed in the Kansai area to a wide area through alliances.
With these activities going beyond customer expectations, business boundaries, and corporate boundaries, we aim to reach more than 10 million customer accounts by FY2031.3.

FY2021.3 Results
Net Sales ¥11,63.3 billion
Segment Profit* ¥80.3 billion
*Operating profit (loss) + Share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using Equity method

Investment for Growth for FY2031.3
¥520.0 billion*
*From FY2018.3 to FY2031.3 (Plan)

Number of Customer Accounts (million)

Net Sales* (billion yen)

Segment Profit* (billion yen)

*Since FY19,3. OsakaGas Engineering Co,. Ltd. Changed its segment from “Life & Business Solutions” to “Domestic Energy /Gas.” FY18.3 results are calculated based on the contents after the change.
In April 2020, Gas and Power Co., Ltd. (Domestic Energy /Electricity) was merged into Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd. (Domestic Energy / Gas). FY20.3 results are calculated based on the contents after the change.