What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3
- Domestic Energy Business

Our Business

The Daigas Group is striving to develop its business as an energy marketer in a new era by strengthening each of the three areas in
the Domestic Energy Business; namely, gas manufacturing and sales, gas distribution, and power generation and electricity sales.
In addition to ensuring that customers in the Kansai region use city gas in a stable, safe, and secure manner, we are proceeding
with the comprehensive provision of energy and services by expanding the electric power and LPG businesses and enhancing life
support services and one-stop services as a utility agent. Furthermore, we will expand the know-how and services developed in the
Kansai region to a wide area through alliances.
With these activities going beyond customer expectations, business boundaries, and corporate boundaries, we aim to reach
more than 10 million customer accounts by FY2031.3.

FY2023.3 Results
Net Sales ¥ 1,971.6billion yen
Segment Loss* ¥ - 27.3billion yen
*Operating profit (loss) + Share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using equity method

Investment for Growth
for FY2031.3

¥ 520.0billion yen* *From FY2018.3 to FY2031.3 (Plan)

Residential Market
We provide energy, appliances,home renovations, lifestyle services, etc. to match the requests of each individual residential customer.
Power Generation
In addition to promoting the power generation business through ownership of power plants and operation and maintenance businesses, we are rolling out an electricity supply business using mainly electric power generated by the Group’s own power plants.
Non-residential Market
For commercial and industrial customers, we provide one-stop solutions built by energy and various services.
Renewable Energy
The Group is proceeding with developing and holding power sources, and expanding its electric power procurement efforts, aiming for the spread of renewable energies.
We provide a safe, secure supply of gas through the construction, maintenance and management of gas distribution facilities and the construction of 24-hour/365-day security frameworks.
LNG Trading
By diversifying LNG suppliers, price indexes and other factors, we procure LNG in a stable manner and supply it to customers in Japan and abroad.
LNG & Engineering
In addition to ongoing stable gas manufacturing,
we are engaged in the industrial gas business,
engineering business and the development of
technologies for the realization of a
low-carbon/carbon-neutral society.

Net Sales/Segment profit

Domestic gas sales volume/Domestic electricity sales volume

*In FY2021.3, Gas and Power Co., Ltd. (DomesticEnergy/Electricity) was merged into Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd. (Domestic Energy/Gas).
Since FY2022.3, “Domestic Energy/Gas” and “Domestic Energy/Electricity” have been integrated into “Domestic Energy.”
Osaka Gas International TransportInc.
and its subsidiaries conducting LNG transport, which belonged to “International Energy,” have been transferred to “Domestic Energy” with the objective of the integrated operation of energy sales and supply/demand management.
Osaka Gas’ operating expenses for International Energy business, which were previously included in Domestic Energy / Gas, have been transferred to International Energy.
Results for the FY2021.3 are compiled by segments that reflect the change.